• University of L'Aquila

    The University of L’Aquila is a public research university located in L’Aquila, Central Italy. It was founded in 1964 and is organized in nine departments. The university presents a scientific-technological character with many research groups

  • Our Research

    The FrAmeLab is a research group at the University of L’Aquila specialized in Software Architecture and Engineering pure and applied research.

  • ICSA 2023 – 13-17 March 2023 | L'Aquila, Italy

    ICSA is the premier venue for practitioners and researchers interested in software architecture, in component-based software engineering and in quality aspects of software and how these relate to the design of software architectures

Human-Driven SE

Henry Muccini
Full Professor
Henry Muccini is a Full Professor in Computer Science at the Information Engineering and Computer Science and Mathematics (DISIM) Department, University of L’Aquila, Italy.